J.M.S. Driving Academy - "Creating A Better Generation of Drivers"
“I really enjoyed the course.  I never had trouble paying attention.  I'll be recommending J.M.S. to my friends and relatives."
- Garrett Mombourquette
“I learned that driving can be fun, but still safe when learning the proper maneuvers.  I loved his ways of teaching us - he made it fun, yet I learned alot!"
- Katie MacLean
" I leraned alot from this class and the games we played kept the class up and awake, while still retaining knowledge."
- Karan Dhillon
" I feel that your class provides a good method of teaching.  I appreciated the stress-free environment along with the respect given."
- Justin Kehoe
" WOW!!!  I learned alot.  I got 76% on the movie exam and that means J.M.S. taught me very well.  It was alot easier to learn when you make the class fun!"
- Kaitlyn Hinks
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